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Sardar Movie Review – Different and Interesting

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Movie: Sardar
Cast: Karthi, Rashi Khanna, Rajisha Vijayan, Laila and Chunkey Pandey
Rating: 3/5
Director: PS Mithran
Produced By: S Lakshman Kumar
Release Date: 21st October

Actor Karthi, who entered the industry as the younger brother of Tamil star hero Suriya, quickly made a name for himself with a variety of films. Sardar is the new film from Karthi. Let’s see what is special about this spy thriller directed by P.S.Mithran who has impressed previously with Vishal’s movie ‘Abhimanyudu’.

Story: Vijay Prakash (Karthi), a police inspector, is an orphan. As his father was branded as a traitor, his entire family committed suicide in his childhood and he was left alone. A police constable joins him and raises him. Even though Vijay Prakash earned a good name as SI, the image of being the son of a traitor haunts him. At such a time, he gets a chance to investigate the case of a woman named Manga (Laila) who is fighting against the water pipeline project in India. Before Vijay Prakash gets to her she is killed under mysterious circumstances, and it is branded as suicide, but Vijay Prakash learns that it was not suicide and she was killed. It is understood that there is a big conspiracy behind this. Who is behind all this? Who is Sardar? What is his link with the story? form the rest of the story.

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Performances: Karthi never stuck to one image frame, he kept doing different stories that come to him from time to time. Khaki, Khaidi, and now Sardar. He played a character that had such depth and could show variations. Although the young character looks normal he gave a natural touch and made scope from it, and he gave a great performance in the title role Sardar. His dominance is visible throughout the film. Chunky Pandey has done well as the villain. Among the heroines, Rajisha Vijayan was impressed with her short screen time. Rashi Khanna is fine. Munish Kant impresses in the supporting role. The boy who played the role of a small child will be remembered. Laila shines after years in a supporting and important role.

Analysis: Tamil directors have a unique style of researching the things that happen around us and which we don’t know about. PS Mithran belongs to that category. Sardar’s movie’s story is also related to social issues. It seems very unique. A trap that we are unknowingly falling into and issuing a warning about our dangerously changing future. We used to drink clean water from ponds, rivers, and wells and live healthy life. Now we are drinking water in bottles, cans, and tanks. The basic plot of ‘Sardar’ is to say that all this is the merit of the water mafia.

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Plus Points:

  • Interesting Plot and Narration
  • Karthi performance
  • Pre climax, Climax

Minus Points:

  • Some missing details
  • Length

Verdict: Sardar is a movie made with an Intriguing concept. While watching the movie we can understand that the director has researched a lot about the core plot. Scenes involving the water mafia and their attempt to keep all the water resources in the country under their control, the ill effects of water bottles, etc look surprising, thought-provoking, and a bit scary too. Without missing the interest in terms of the story, the movie moves forward with thrilling scenes from time to time. Pre-climax and climax scenes came impressive. The scope of the story is very large, and the narration is a bit confusing here and there so everything is not understandable. Even though there are minor problems like excessive length, ‘Sardar’ does not fail to thrill and surprise the audience. ‘Sardar’ succeeds in giving a different feel without missing commercial values.

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