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Salaar needs a powerful trailer

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The hype and anticipation about Salaar are known to all. While the film has seen postponement much to the fans’ disappointment, there is still a huge buzz for Salaar pan-India. Definitely, the buzz was different from before the postponement. After the team postponed the release date, they re-shot the film’s parts and added a song. These changes after the postponement gave the audience a feeling that Prashanth Neel was not satisfied with the first output, leading to some doubts over the final output.

The bookings that have opened in the USA and UK are definitely not on par with the bookings that opened for the September 28th release date. During the previous release date, the advance bookings were amazing and everyone felt that Salaar would even break Rajamouli films Baahubali 2 and RRR openings.

But now the bookings are not at that pace and in other languages also, the bookings are very dull. Yes, there is a lot of time for release so definitely there will be a jump in bookings after the trailer. Coming to Telugu, the film will surely take a massive opening even if the trailer is not up to the mark. But for other languages’ success, a solid trailer is extremely important.

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Even in Telugu, the trailer will play some role and another point to be considered is that so far only a teaser has been released and the audience has no further glimpse into the movie. There are only two songs out of which one is the mother song and the other one is the item song and the team does not want to release the songs. So practically only the trailer is coming out as promotional content. Hence it is vital that the trailer must create a solid impact.

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