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Salaar makers seem desperate, continuously exaggerating numbers

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Salaar released worldwide amidst massive celebrations and hype and has managed to build solid numbers in Telugu states. While the box-office performance has been satisfactory, the numbers that the makers are reporting have come as a great surprise.

On 1st day, the film collected around Rs 150Cr gross, and the makers announced 180Cr gross. These numbers were published in the next day’s newspapers even as Day 1 shows were still left. On day 2 the film collected around Rs 85Cr gross and the makers announced Rs 115Cr number.

Usually for pan-India films, the makers don’t exaggerate any numbers, and collections are not added at all. Homable Films did not do this for their previous blockbusters such as the KGF series or Kantara.

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It is unclear why Hombale Films have gone against their policy and adding numbers for Salaar. For 2 days the film has collected around Rs 235Cr gross while the makers are reporting Rs 295Cr- an exaggeration of Rs 60 crores. This could be a result of desperation to make the film a pan-India blockbuster so that hype for part two is created.

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