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Salaar makers posted a satire on Shah Rukh Khan

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Salaar makers posted a satire on Shah Rukh Khan. It is widely known that the last weekend of 2023 saw a massive clash between Prabhas’s Salaar and Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki. There were big expectations for both films and though they are not performing at the expected level, there appears to be heat between the makers of Salaar and Shahrukh Khan. Salaar makers posted a satire on Shah Rukh Khan.

Hombale Films, the makers of pan-Indian action drama Salaar, have lately announced a box office poster saying ” Khansaar.. Iam Sorry“. They intentionally made a satire using Khansaar World. The Prabhas fans enjoy this and give counters to Shah Rukh Khan fans using the tweet.

This always happens when two biggies compete at the box office. Coming to the numbers, from opening day to the latest poster, the producers of Salaar are constantly exaggerating the box office numbers. They intend to prove part 1 is a big success because they have to make part 2.

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According to the tweet of Salaar makers, the film has gathered a worldwide Gross of Rs 625 Crores. But the reality is different.

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