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Salaar makers create confusion with release dates once more

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It is widely known to everyone that the postponement of Prabhas’s Pan Indian film, Salaar has severely disappointed the fans, along with the trade circles as well, because all the hype around the film was affected because of the sudden postponement from the date of September 28th. After that, the makers of Salaar have created confusion with the next release date of the film and with the latest news, they have done it once more.

This evening, the Bollywood, and all Indian Trade Circles were abuzz with the surprising news of Salaar’s arrival on December 22, 2023. This is not the first time for Salaar team, they are consistently confusing all industries with release dates by not announcing officially.

The makers even had not announced during the postponement on time, and they had taken plenty of days to announce it. Even after postponement, the makers said multiple dates to distributors like Diwali release, November end release, Christmas release, Sankranthi release, Republic Day release and Summer release.

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At different times, they have said different dates with the distributors. As this year is packed with many big films already announcing release dates, the distributors suggested the makers to release the film in the next year, and it was reported that the makers also said to be okay with that decision but suddenly now all the Hindi exhibitors received a mail from Hindi distributor that Salaar is planning to be released in theaters on 22nd December which has again created confusion on the release date.

On the same date, multiple Telugu films like Hi Nanna, Saindhav are announced and in Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki also announced. We have to wait and see whether this news of Salaar’s new release date turns out to be true or not.

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