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Saindhav and Eagle – Two risky Sankranthi Releases

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Saindhav and Eagle are turning out as Two risky Sankranthi Releases. It is widely known that many Telugu films have been announced for the upcoming Sankranthi, but out of all the movies, there are two risky films: one is Ravi Teja’s Eagle, and the second one is  Venkatesh’s  Saindhav. Because of their genre, Saindhav and Eagle look like two risky Sankranthi Releases.

Sankranthi is known for Family and Mass entertainment films, and audiences always prefer those films only. The audiences have multiple options for 2024 Sankranthi. And the first option is Mahesh Babu’s Guntur Kaaram and the other is Family Star Hanuman. Nagarjuna’s Naa Saami Ranga is also an entertainer. 

Eagle’s content has yet to be released, but there is hardly any buzz on the film. Currently, the film needs solid promotional content to create the buzz. 

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Venkatesh’s Saindhav is an action film, and it is a risky genre for Sankranthi festival. Vijay Deverakonda’s Family Star has mass elements that will make the film work, even if the content is average or above average. The film will have a good hype Because of the combination.

However, action films with less hype must need a unanimous positive word of mouth to bring audiences to the theatres. For both Saindhav and Eagle, positive talk is a must.

If other movies get better talk, these two films will be badly affected. If these two receive positive talk as they are being released in competition, the numbers will be excellent and huge. Still, if these two movies’ content is below par, or if they get okay or decent talk, then it will be risky for them to achieve success at the box office.

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