RRR team’s campaign for the Oscars fails miserably

When SS Rajamouli’s RRR was released earlier this year, it opened up with mixed reviews but superb opening numbers. Even most of the audience has felt it was the weakest content in Rajamouli movies. At the box, office RRR did not emerge as a huge blockbuster like Baahubali much to the disappointment of RRR team.

Several buyers even faced some losses in certain territories. However, the wave of accolades started rushing in when it was released in OTT. Post this, the film was picked up by other countries’ audiences who started praising the film and really loved the presentation by Rajamouli. It was then that the team started promoting the film abroad with re-releases with an eye on the Oscars.

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It is a known fact that every Oscar campaign requires major publicity and investments. The RRR team with these goals re-released the film across the USA with an aim to create a wider reach and acceptance among the jury.

However, in reality, many are asking whether the film actually deserves an Oscar. What’s so special in that movie that the RRR team aimed at the Oscars? For many, it was normal content with rich production values. Even the numbers at the box office happened only because of Rajamouli, NTR, and Ram Charan.

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