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RRR team exposed the Fake publicity of Mega family on HCA spotlight award

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The last couple of days there has been a set of news around RRR movie as the team picked up many awards at the Hollywood Critics Association (HCA) awards. There has been a collection of well-justified applauses and complimentary messages running around Ram Charan one of the heroes of the film.

From Mega Family, Heroes like Pawan Kalyan, Nagababu, Varuntej and other celebrities tweeted congratulations to Ram Charan for winning the spotlight award at the HCA Awards. Because of this, an image was created that Charan alone received this award.

The Netizens and audience also believed it was true, and then the RRR team cleared up by stating that everybody from the RRR unit had won the spotlight award. As NTR has not visited the ceremony because of Taraka Ratna demise, so they did not disclose his name.

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They presented the award to Charan as he was present at the event in person, but the excitement of Mega family made it look like only Ram Charan had received the award. NTR fans and other netizens are criticizing mega family and saying that what was the need for the fake publicity.

However, if we watch from another point of view, we cannot say that Mega heroes did fake publicity because only Charan was present at the event. They congratulated him and if NTR had been there, the confusion wouldn’t have arrived. NTR, who will join the team for further promotions next week, will be given his award in person when he reaches the USA.

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