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RRR on the Oscars stage again

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RRR on the Oscars stage again

RRR got a huge response not only from India but also from world movie lovers. RRR also won an Oscar for Naatu Naatu under the best song category and got pride for Indian cinema.

Rajamouli, Ram Charan, and NTR have a good fanbase all over the world. Now RRR director Rajamouli is making a film with Mahesh Babu, and it is said that some of the Hollywood actors are also cast in this movie.

So now the Oscars stage surprises audiences by showing RRR on the stage again. The Academy included RRR Movies action sequences as part of their tribute to the world’s greatest stunt sequences in cinema and surprised fans.

The Academy displayed some of the crucial action sequences from many world movies and also gave place to the RRR movie, taking into consideration the World’s Greatest Stunt Sequences.

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As we all know, the audience has gone mad for the Naatu Naatu song and Interval and Climax action sequences on movie screenings. Through this, we can say that the world is looking at Indian movies, and we have to admit that it’s a huge pride for us. 

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