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Rajamouli’s promotional plan for RRR is talk of the town

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Rajamouli has a grand vision not just about his movies but also the way he promotes them. The ace director always has an ace rolled up the sleeve that helps him the publicity that he desires. One of the biggest complaints of the Tollywood fans was that the RRR wasn’t being promoted and publicised as it should. A movie of RRR’s scale must be doing heavy promotions by now. Rajamouli’s promotional plan, however, is now on target and that is being noticed by all now.

Rajamouli meanwhile is completely assured of his product and just with one RRR Mass Anthem, he has cleared all the negativity or doubts about it. The song which was released in 5 languages is being loved all over and has made people sit up and take notice.

The Hindi version in particular is a huge hit and has been trending on social media for the last two days. The Bollywood market is critical for the movie and Rajamouli has ensured that the movie’s hype builds up.

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Now SSR is getting ready for the third single and if the inside reports are anything to go by, this will also be a musical feast. In the coming days we will be seeing more of such masterstrokes from Rajamouli’s promotional plan.

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