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PVR INOX excludes South Indian theaters from the passport plan

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PVR INOX excludes South Indian theaters from the passport plan. This has become the latest Controversy on social media, as the South moviegoers have not at all liked the discrimination shown by the biggest Multiplex in Indian country.

It is undisputed that South Indian audiences are fond of cinema. This is the reason why PVR Inox has been quickly expanding their operations by setting up new theaters in the South Indian states. However, the latest move PVR Inox has prompted a comment that this leading multiplex chain, which combines PVR and Inox, is discriminating against the South Indian audience and theaters.

A movie pass has been announced by PVR Inox that costs Rs 699 and allows the buyer to watch 10 films per month at PVR Inox facilities on weekdays (Monday-Thursday). Watching 1 film per day and up to 10 films per month is possible for a person if he buys this pass.

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It’s important to note that this pass is not applicable to South Indian states. It is only for North Indian cinema audiences.

PVR Inox’s decision to discriminate between North and South in a program that could be of great help to true cinema lovers has provoked the South people.

“If you want to favor only North audience, then leave the South space. Remove all your theaters here. We will watch our films in single screens. If you don’t need us, we don’t need you either” an anguished South Indian Twitter user commented.

PVR Inox’s decision to exclude South Indian theaters from their newly launched program has been widely observed. There has been a significant uproar caused by it.

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