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Audience to Puri Jagan – Stop saying philosophies, Write good scripts

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Puri, who took some time for the settlement of Liger, did not return the money within the deadline, and a controversy arose. With this, buyers and exhibitors decided to hold a dharna in front of Puri’s house. In this context, Puri filed a complaint with the police. A letter written by Puri Jagannath is doing the rounds now.

Puri Jagannath mentioned in the letter that success and failure are opposites but that is not true. We think that we will survive if our hearts are full of breath, but the immediate thing to do is to breathe.

Puri said that nothing is permanent here. We should look at every event that happens to us in life as an experience. Failure should not be seen as a success. They are all like a scene in a movie, you can forget them when the show is over. He said what life means in his style that if you take it to the mind, you will go mental. Puri said that If you succeed, you will get money. If you fail, you will get knowledge. So we always keep gaining mentally and financially.. we have nothing to lose in this world. That’s why he mentioned that we should not see anything as a failure.

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Puri also said that If bad things happen, the bad people around us will disappear.. when we look back, we will know who left us in those situations. He said that there’s no life if we do not take any risks, not taking a risk is also a risk.

If you are a hero in life, whatever happens to a hero in a movie will happen to you. Everyone will clap for you, praise you and even blame you. So if all these things don’t happen in your life, make them happen. Otherwise, you run the risk of not being a hero. That’s why we should live as heroes Puri said.

Puri Jagan said it’s needless to say that he is honest. No need to protect the truth. Truth itself will preserve the truth. If we do our work without expecting anything from anyone and without deceiving anyone, there will be no one to cheat us.

If I have ever cheated..if I have lied, I have not cheated anyone except the audience who believed in me and bought the tickets to my movie, Puri said.

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Therefore Puri Jagannath said that In fact, he’s responsible for his audience. I will make another movie and entertain them. Tell me the name of one person who took one rupee from here after his death. I will also keep the money then, he said.

Puri Jagannath ended his letter by saying that everyone will finally meet in the cemetery and Everything that happens in between is a drama.

After reading the letter written by Puri about success and failure in life, The audience feels from the past few years Puri Jagan is only saying philosophies, they are a feeling when he will write the scripts. The audience is advising Puri Jagan to put more time into the script and write a good script instead of writing philosophies.

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