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Producers face tough times as distributors change their minds unexpectedly

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A few years back, it was comparatively easy for producers to gauge the market and make a film. They needed to set up a combination and the business would happen just on the basis of the lead hero or director. Most of the time they will be in a very safe position if the film starred big heroes and was made by top directors.

Due to this, the producers were comparatively safe and all the risk went to distributors. There are so many examples where the producers were safe even though the movie was a disaster purely due to the pre-release business.

But now, the situation is not the same as the market dynamics have changed a lot and distributors are not offering the prices like before nor are they easily settling for producers’ terms like in earlier days. The exhibitors are continuously tracking the buzz about the film and negotiating the prices which has made it hard for producers to stay safe like before. There are multiple films coming from this week to December and excluding Salaar, no film’s theatrical rights are closed and negotiations are still on.

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Even for Salaar, the producers have negotiated the producer’s quote by 20%-30% in Andhra Pradesh. The main issue behind this is that the audience is not showing much interest in most of the films. Several films are failing to get good buzz and the teams are trying extremely hard to create some positivity with promotions.

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