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Producers and directors are doing costly mistake on promotional content

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Nowadays, for any movie, the promotional content has become a very crucial point. Be it big or small movies, every movie is heavily dependent on the promotions only. However, some producers and directors are not understanding the importance of these things, and they are neglecting the required secrecy of the promotional content.

Any poster/teaser/trailer of a particular movie should be kept under wraps until it is officially out. But the makers and directors are sharing the promotional content of their movies with some industry people who are close to them, along with media people and fans association leaders, which is causing unnecessary issues to those movies.

Because the people who watched the content are raising the expectations by revealing all the details on content and hyping every small detail before the release, which is why after the release, most of those promotional content is receiving mixed response because of over expectations even though the quality being good.

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Recently, Pawan Kalyan’s Ustaad Bhagat Singh’s first glimpse and Bro movie’s motion poster were overly hyped by the fans and closest circles of the unit. Because of the overhype, a few sections of netizens were disappointed with both the movie’s promotional content. So, the directors and producers should think about this issue because the promotional content should always be like a surprise for the fans and audience. So, they should take care and not leak the content before the release for any section of people.

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