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Premalu and Manjummel Boys Delayed OTT Release

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Malayalam blockbusters Premalu and Manjummel Boys are ruling the roost at the theatres. Recently, the Malayam industry has become the talk of the Indian cinema industry as they delivered 3 continuous blockbusters with Bramayugam being the third one apart from Premalu and Manjummel Boys.

The audience is now waiting for OTT streaming and many expected both films will stream in March. However, it turns out that both films will not be coming on OTT soon. The makers of Premalu and Manjummel Boys want their movies to have a full theatrical run in all languages.

Premalu was released more than a month back in Malayalam and it’s still running with good numbers. The Telugu version of Premalu was released last weekend and it is running well. The Tamil version of the film will be released later this week.

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Manjummel Boys is a sensational blockbuster heading towards industry-hit status in Malayalam. The movie is dubbed into Telugu and Hindi languages and a theatrical release has been planned later month. Both films will not have an OTT release like other films with a 28-day theatrical window.

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