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Pre-festival impact on all Indian releases

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The Pre-festival impact is showing on all Indian releases. It is widely known that the Telugu industry always feels the Diwali season is unsuitable for films, so there are no notable releases from the Telugu film industry this Diwali.

Only Dubbed films have been released this week. From Hindi, Tiger 3 is being released tomorrow. The pre-festival impact is hitting hard for a movie like Tiger 3 despite being a Spy series film and having a star hero, Salman Khan.

The film is getting released on Diwali day but needs to put record numbers. The advance bookings are trending on a good note, and the movie is expected to take a decent start, but it will not be a record opening. The YRF team has made a good decision by releasing the film on Sunday.

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If they had released Tiger 3 on Friday, it may have seen a poor opening with more pre-festival effect. It is widely known that Karthi’s Japan was released yesterday, and it saw the lowest opening for Karthi in the Tamil language. The film received a bad opening in TN while decent in Telugu.

Jigarthanda Double X, a 100Cr budget film, also saw the lowest openings than Japan as the openings were very poor everywhere. Still, word of mouth has come positive for the film, and yesterday’s night shows were better compared to the other shows, and the trade expects the film to perform well from today.

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So, the festival has affected all the Diwali releases, and all the films are expected to perform hugely on Monday.

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