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Police Still suspect Hero Navdeep’s involvement in Drug Case

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Tollywood is being shaken by the Drugs Case issue once again. The case has become a constant concern for Hero Navdeep as the Police Still suspect his involvement in the case. The Telangana High Court has already prohibited the police from arresting Navdeep in the Madhapur drug case. But Navdeep has been described by the police as a drug user in this situation.

According to a statement given by Ram Chand, the close friend of Navdeep, who was caught in the police raids, reportedly said Navdeep had drugs with him. The Telangana Narcotics Bureau officials included Navdeep as an accused in the case due to the statement of Ram Chand.

In this order, on the 16th of this month, Narcotics Bureau police conducted a raid at Navdeep’s house in Hyderabad. It is reported that Navdeep was not at home at that time. On the other hand, it is known that Navdeep approached the TS High Court to issue orders not to arrest him. The High Court responded positively to Navdeep’s plea.

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Navdeep was prohibited from being arrested until Tuesday. Today, it is reported that the Narcotic Bureau will file a counter-argument in the High Court regarding Navdeep, in light of this background.

As per the reports, a drugs’ party was hosted at Fresh Living Apartments in Madhapur on the 31st of August. The Narcotics Bureau arrested 13 individuals who were present at the party. The Narcotics Bureau is planning to arrest and interrogate Navdeep as well.

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