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Peddha Kapu 1 Review – A Well Intended Political Drama that lacks the Emotion

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Movie: Peddha Kapu 1
Rating: 2.25/5
Cast: Virat Karna, Pragato ShriVatsav, Rao Ramesh, Tanikella Bharani, Naga Babu
Director: Srikanth Addala
Produced By: Miryala Ravinder Reddy
Release Date: 29th September 2023

Story: Peddha Kapu (Virat Karrna) fights against oppression by two leaders in the village, Satya Rangayya (Rao Ramesh) and Bhaiyanna (Aadukalam Naren), in a fictional village near Rajahmundry in the 1980s. After NT Ramarao started a political party in 1982, there comes a significant change in the politics of the village. The story revolves around how Peddha Kapu rises to the position of a leader by taking on the mighty Satya Rangayya and Bhaiyanna. What is Akkamma (Anasuya) and how is she connected with this politics is another angle in the film. 

Performances: Debutante Virat Karna has made a decent performance in his debut. Rao Ramesh was well suited for the evil and selfish politician. Pragati Srivastava does not have much scope to perform. Anasuya as Akkamma had a substantial role. However, her performance and character did not turn out as expected because of mishandling. Rajeev Kanakala, Naga Babu Eeshwari Rao and others were apt. As a villain, Srikanth Addala was good.

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  • Story setup and Performances
  • Interval Episode
  • Few Good Dialogues
  • Camera Work


  • Slow and Disjointed Narrative
  • Lack of Emotions
  • Extreme Violence and abusive scenes


Although Pedda Kapu is ambitious and aims to be a strong Political Drama, it fails to achieve the goal. There are a few scenes like interval episode and a few dialogues which work towards the intention of director, but the lack of proper emotions, incoherent narrative and excessive violence work against it.

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