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Pawan Kalyan, learn from Balakrishna

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Pawan Kalyan, please learn from Balakrishna. This is what the movie folks have to say to the Power Star. It is widely known that Pawan Kalyan is also busy in politics along being a Star Hero. However, he is unable to perfectly plan his movie shooting schedules and political activities. This is why people are saying Pawan Kalyan. should learn from Balakrishna.

Nandamuri Balakrishna is Aldo active in politics from the beginning, but he never puts pressure on any producer or any movie team. A movie not only involves producers’ money, but it also involves a director’s dreams and hard work, along with the cast and crew’s hardwork.

Balakrishna rightly balances politics and movie career, even though he faced many problems. For example, if we take the recent situation even at a situation when CBN was arrested, Balakrishna participated in Bhagavanth Kesari’s balance shoot and released the film as per the plan, and now he also started another project which he has committed to. Director Bobby.

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Also, he clearly told the movie team that he can participate in the filming until next year February and allotted 90 days for the shoot. So no one is affected because of his political life and his movies follow a smooth process during the filming.

But Pawan Kalyan’s films are all in concern at the moment. Reportedly, Pawan Kalyan clearly said to all his producers that he cannot allot the dates for the next 6 months. One cannot help but wonder then, what was the need for bringing the films on to the sets.

Both OG and Ustaad Bhagat Singh came to sets in this year, and he should not have signed both films simultaneously when he cannot stand on his commitment. He did multiple movies for money, like Vakeel Saab , Bheemla Nayak and Bro The Avatar.

Everyone, including fans, knows that he did them just for the sake of money. So, if he wants only money, he can do those kinds of films that have a limited screen time for his character and there is no need to bring massive projects on sets and put everyone in a dilemma.

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This is not at all a good working style from a star hero Pawan Kalyan, and we can say producers’ mistake is also there in this issue. Pawan Kalyan should learn from Balakrishna how to balance movies and politics. If he is unable to balance them, he needs to clearly explain the movie’s team and need to work on only one film at a time. Putting multiple films to shoot together and not giving the required dates is definitely unacceptable.

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