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Pawan Kalyan fan commits suicide over Bheemla Nayak

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Stars and their fans have a unique inseparable bond. This adulation is mostly one-sided with fans taking some extreme steps for these matinee idols much to the dismay of others around them. In this particular case, a young Pawan Kalyan fan took an extreme step and committed suicide.

The incident happened in Jagtial, Telangana. The young boy was just 11 years old and the reason for this tragedy is even more shocking. Reportedly, this young Pawan Kalyan fan had asked his father for money for the advance ticket booking of Bheemla Nayak. Much to his dismay, his father refused to give him money leading to the young boy taking his life.

This incident has shocked the neighbours and nearby villagers. Such incidents are always disheartening and bring forth the need of sensitizing the young ones. These acts not only bring great sorrow to the family and loved ones but also the stars for who these fans take such extreme steps.

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