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Palasa 1978 Movie Review – Thought-Provoking Rustic Drama

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Movie: Palasa 1978
Rating: 3/5
Reviewed By: Sai Shashank
Cast: Rakshith, Nakshatra
Director: J.Karun Kumar
Produced By: Atluri Dhyan
Release Date: 6th March,2020

The tale is set up in the backdrop of a village Palasa, Its a story of brothers coming from an upper caste and lower caste. The quest for power and control is the centric point for brothers from the upper caste. Whereas the brothers from lower caste are their henchmen who are looking for social equality and a better quality of life. The drama between these characters forms the tale with an ample number of events leading the narration.

This film has fine performances from the cast with the female lead Nakshatra leading the pack. She is so charming on-screen and has very expressive eyes. She steals the screen when in the frame. The main lead of the film Rakshit does a good job in some sequences but a better performer would have elevated the film to a higher level.

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  • Realistic approach.
  • Hard-hitting dialogues.
  • Backdrop.
  • Nakshatras performance.


  • Preachy at times.
  • Lag in the second half.

First and foremost Karuna Kumar should be lauded for selecting such a hard-hitting subject for his debut. He doesn’t hesitate a bit to make his point at any moment. The way he depicted social inequalities is definitely thought-provoking. The lives and social situations in a backdrop of 1978 are portrayed successfully.though in the process the narration becomes too preachy, the lines he has chosen overcome the hiccups. Songs are apt for the backdrop of the film. Production values are adequate.

On the whole, Palasa 1978 is a thought-provoking rusting rural drama. it depicts the inequality in the caste system. It’s a good watch for the straight forward approach and some great dialogues.

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