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NTR fans damage many theaters with Simhadri re-release celebrations

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It is very well known to everyone that Young Tiger NTR’s Simhadri has been re released on the occasion of his birthday. The fans of NTR have taken this event as a prestigious one and celebrated it in a massive way at the theaters. However, these re-release celebrations are fine, but fans damaging the theaters is definitely a terrible thing which is putting big burden on the exhibitors.

There are many theaters in the Telugu States which got affected with Simhadri re-release as fans broke the seats, glass doors and teared screens. NTR fans did not stop with that, in some theaters they have even blasted fire crackers inside the theaters. These bad incidents occurred not only in the Telugu States, but they also went to the London.

In a disgraceful act, NTR fans exploded a smoke bomb in a London theater during the screening of Simhadri. The overexcited fans ended up lighting crackers in the theater where Simhadri played, and it led to smoke and fire. The incident created a big agitation in the theater which led towards the evacuation of the public amidst slogans, shouts, and cries in the theater’s premises.

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A London Fire Brigade spokesperson confirmed that there was no fire. They said, “The alarm is believed to have been caused by a smoke device being set off. There were no reports of any injuries, but the cinema was evacuated as a precaution. We were called at 10.13 pm and the incident was over for our firefighters by 10.39 pm.”

This kind of shameful acts from the fans should be stopped, or otherwise it will be a very big problem for the theater owners to bear the losses because of these re-releases. Moreover, the rules and regulations, laws will be different in foreign countries and if fans continue to create problems like these, then there can be a danger of no films being re-released in the future.

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