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Nayanthara’s 75th film is a female-led project

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Nayanthara’s 75th film is a female-led project. Titled “Annapoorani,” has taken the spotlight following the release of its teaser, which showcases the actress in a character that defies traditional norms. Before the release itself, it was reported that Nayanthara’s 75th film is a female-led project.

The teaser, which was released on the auspicious anniversary of Vijayadashami, gives a tantalizing glimpse into the character. In “Annapoorani,” Nayanthara plays a character who differs from her traditional Brahmin background. The trailer features stunning imagery of Srirangam, near Trichy, which sets the scene for the story of an orthodox Brahmin family.

The plot revolves mainly around Nayanthara’s character, who seems to be nurtured in an orthodox Brahmin home known for its steadfast vegetarianism. However, an exciting plot surprise lends complexity to the surface. Nayanthara’s character is seen reading what looks to be a management book. The surprise comes when it is found that she is secretly browsing a cookbook with ideas for meat meals.

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The teaser for the film, directed by Nilesh Krishna, and the title, was released on Tuesday. The forthcoming comedy-drama Annapoorani is named after the Hindu goddess of food. Let’s wish all the best for the Lady Superstar Nayanthara for her 75th film, as it is a female-led project.

Annapoorani also stars Jai, Sathyaraj, Achyuth Kumar, KS Ravikumar, Redin Kingsly, Achyuth Kumar, Kumari Sachu, Karthik Kumar, and Suresh Chakkaravarthy. Sathyan Sooryan handled the film’s camera, while Praveen Antony did the editing.

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