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Natural star Nani repeating the same mistake often

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Natural Star Nani is knowingly or unknowingly repeating the same mistake often. Nani is ready to release his current film Dasara and been busy with promotions. Generally, he’s known for picking up different stories and encouraging new directors in Telugu Film Industry. He’s very positive of his films and usually speaks high about those films in the promotional events.

For the recent films like Shyam Singha Roy and Ante Sundaraniki Nani looked overconfident before the release and affirmed that the films will be super hits. However, the result of both the films has disappointed him after the release.

Shyam singha Roy was a successful film, but it just achieved the breakeven mark and his last film Ante Sundaraniki was a failure. Even in social media the netizens have trolled Nani for his comments before the release that he talked so much, but the film doesn’t have many significant elements in it.

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Nani was more disappointed with Ante Sundaraniki’s response and its box office performance. Now for his latest film Dasara too he is making the same mistake by saying the movie is already massive success, and he is assuring that no need of all the best and audience can congratulate him instead. We hope this time his confidence will work at the box office too for Dasara.

Recently in the promotional event Nani was asked about the offensive word in the trailer, to which he stated that the usage of the phrase ‘Banchat’ has a different purpose and meaning than that of the original abusive word. He was also asked whether the film will repeat the magic of ‘RRR’, ‘KGF2’ and ‘Pushpa’ to which Nani pointed out that in terms of subject and imagination, it can be compared with them but not with their costs and other factors.

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