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Nagarjuna’s Strong Counter To Pawan Kalyan And Nani

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The issue regarding ticket rates in AP has been an ongoing issue for a while now. If the situation wasn’t already grim, Nagarjuna has only made things worse for the Telugu film industry.

Nagarjuna has indirectly issued a strong counter to Pawan Kalyan and Nani. When asked about the ticket rates in the Bangarraju press meet, Nagarjuna stated that it is wrong to talk about political issues on the cinema stage, and he will not make any comments.

This would’ve been commendable if the question asked was actually political. The issue regarding the poor ticket rates in AP is a matter of the industry. When a top actor like Nagarjuna makes a reckless statement like that, all previous efforts go to waste.

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This is an indirect counter to Pawan Kalyan and Nani who have openly criticized the AP government. Pawan Kalyan criticized the government in the REPUBLIC pre-release event. The comments are also a hit at Nani who has also been vocal about the issue in various events.

This is not the only time Nagarjuna made a distasteful comment regarding the ticket rates issue. He also said that he is okay with the ticket rates for Bangarraju.

These comments are even more hypocritical when you consider his previous comments about raising ticket rates in AP during Wild Dog promotions.

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