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Naga Babu comes back on X/Twitter again

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Naga Babu, brother of Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan became a controversial figure in recent times. He, in the name of love for his brothers puts controversial statements on his official X/Twitter Account. He also stands as an official member of his brother’s party, Janasena. He recently posted a tweet which became sensational making him delete the tweet and also deactivate his Account. But Surprisingly, he has come back on X/Twitter again.

Allu Arjun, Actor and nephew of Naga Babu took party in an election campaign for his friend who represents YSR Congress Party in AP. This has angered Naga Babu. He felt that all his family members should support his brother’s Janasena party. As a reply to this, he compared Allu Arjun to an outsider indirectly in a tweet which became a sensational issue. All Allu Arjun Fans started targeting Naga Babu for his arrogant remarks.

Naga Babu after sensing the heat, deleted the tweet and deactivated his account as well. Many felt his elder brother, Chiranjeevi might have given him earful. But to everyone’s surprise, he appeared back on X/Twitter. He also satirically tweeted saying, “I have deleted the tweet.” This looks very kiddish from the side of Naga Babu. He needs to either tell people why he deleted the tweet or why he had appeared again. But he simply tweeting that he had deleted the tweet looks very childish. It’s better if he refrains from this controversial behavior.

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