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Nag Ashwin’s Big Mistake: Is Ashwatthama Not Alive Now?

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Kalki 2898 AD is the biggest Indian film of this year. The movie is set for release on June 27th. The audience is inquisitive about the film. The story is based on Hindu itihasas about the arrival of Lord Vishnu’s 10th avatar, Kalki Bhagavan, at the end of Kaliyuga. The movie is a combination of technology and Itihasa, as it was made in 2898, more than 800 years from here. It needs a new world like how technology was in that era and the Hindu Itihasa’s arrival of Kalki Bhagavan to kill evil.

The team is doing aggressive promotions. Recently, they held a massive event for Bujji’s Introduction. The anime series with 2 episodes is now streaming on Prime Video. It was a huge hit, received unanimous positive buzz, and raised expectations. The trailer is expected to arrive this weekend, followed by massive events and interviews in all big cities.

The team introduces Amitabh Bachchan as Ashwatthama. According to Mahabharat, Ashwatthama was cursed by Lord Krishna to live as Chiranjeevi with blood, and injuries, and cry for death for using Brahmastra to kill an unborn child.

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Till now, whatever content is released based on Mahabharata-referenced Aswaththama will live till the end of Kali Yuga. Nag Ashwin also does the same; he introduces Aswaththama as praying to Lord Shiva. But here the main thing is, according to Mahabharata, Aswaththama was cursed by Sri Krishna for only 3000 years, not till the end of Kali Yuga. Now it has been more than 5000 years, so there’s no chance of Aswaththama living in this era, which is clearly stated by our Telugu pandits too. This represents that Nag Ashwin makes a bigger mistake by showing Aswaththama as alive

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