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Mythri Movies and Dil Raju Engage in Cold War Over Hanuman Movie Screens

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As the day of release for upcoming Sankranthi movies is nearing the fan’s excitement is also reaching its peak. Along with it the tussle for theatres is also heating up with Tollywood big distributors Dil Raju and Mythri Movie Makers engaging in a war.

Nizam, which is one of the most prestigious areas for movie distribution has turned into a battleground. Mythri Movies have bought Hanuman rights in Nizam while Dil Raju bought other three movies Guntur Kaaram, Saindhav, and Naa Saami Ranga.

Mythri Movies has stated that Dil Raju is using all his influence and locking all the screens for his movies and not providing a minimum screen count for Hanuman. They have complained of getting just 4 screens in Hyderabad city. Even in districts, they are getting fewer screens. They further stated that even after locking a few theatres in districts Dil Raju is calling those theatres and asking for their films to be screened.

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Hanuman’s producer and Mythri are not all happy with Dil Raju occupying maximum theatres and now taking their theatres as well. Hanuman has a good craze and the advance bookings are proof of that. But getting fewer screens in Nizam is a major concern for them. They alleged that Dil Raju was intentionally doing this.

Dil Raju’s camp on the other hand stated that they had acquired the rights of these 3 films just like anyone else would do. In addition to this, they have invested over 8 times more than Mythri for Sankranthi in Nizam. This is business and they are aiming to get as many screens as possible for the 3 films to recover the invested amounts

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Dil Raju’s camp believes that any business person will do the same thing. They want their films to be released in maximum theatres. The exhibitors are in Raju’s favour because of the good relationship he has with them and the support he lent to them over the years. Both parties are expected to discuss this issue and will be seeking a resolution.

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