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Mythri Movies’ Ambitious Move: Taking Charge of Nizam’s Single Screens

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Mythri Movies is making an ambitious move, now trying to take charge of Nizam’s Single Screens. It is widely known that Mythri Movies (Mythri Movie Makers) banner is one of the top production houses in the Telugu film industry. They raised their level to a high level with multiple big-hit films. Mythri Movies is making an ambitious move, now trying to take charge of Nizam’s Single Screens. 

They recently started a distribution office in the Nizam region a few months back and started releasing films on their own and buying other films. Lately, they bought Prabhas’s Salaar, and it worked well for them.

In Sankranthi releases, Mythri movies have bought Hanuman for the extraordinary price of 7.2Cr. But the issue is they cannot get more screens with Top Producer and Distributor Dil Raju competing.  The single screens for Hanuman, the upcoming Sankranthi release of Mythri Movie Makers, are significantly less.

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Even last year, during Sankranthi, Mythri Movies faced problems in getting single screens. Dil Raju’s Varasudu had a better release than their two biggies, Waltair Veerayya and Veera Simha Reddy. Since then, they have faced issues in the allocation of single screens.

Now, Hanuman is also facing the same issue regarding theater allocation. Mythri Movies decided to put a large number of single screens under their name, and they are planning to take multiple single screens in Hyderabad in Nizam for lease and will renovate them. 

They want to keep a good number of theatres in their control to rule the single screens. Mythri Movies group is one such production house that always took bold steps, and they are doing the same by taking charge of single screens in Nizam.

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