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Movie Makers Are Killing Theatre Owners And Exhibitors

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There is no denying that OTT has been a great boon for a lot of people. It has been of great help to producers and actors and has also been convenient for audiences who want to enjoy cinema from the comfort of their homes.

But, with the evolution of OTT, the theatre business has also taken a hit. The theatrical run of movies has dropped by a large margin. When we take a look at Telugu cinema alone, movies are failing to run for a long period.

When we track back to the 2010s, movies used to easily run for 50 days in theatres but now even a hit film is struggling to sustain for 4 weeks.

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Adding to this, the makers are making massive profits with OTT platforms by releasing a film in 3-4 weeks. This is not helping the exhibitors who are suffering due to the lack of an audience. If things head in the same direction, it will only get worse and even a good film might run only for a weekend.

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