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Most viewed series Squid Game now available in Telugu

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Squid Game, a series that created sensation all over the world is now available in Telugu on Netflix. This Korean series is one of its kind and made many people turn towards it. Recently during the Halloween day, we can see so many westerners dress up as these characters.

Most popular K-pop band member Jin donned up as a doll from this series and performed their song “permission to dance” in Los Angeles, California. Hope you got how famous this series is. The plot of this show goes like this- there is a game in this series which rewards one with enormous amount of money if they win all rounds and also kills the people who lose the game.

Yes, it is literally the life and death game where one can have it all or die. The organizers pick some vulnerable people who are weak financially and emotionally. They make these people play the game. The series was first telecasted in Korean language only with English subtitles.

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But now they have it dubbed in multiple languages including Telugu. If you haven’t seen it yet, may be this is the signal. Trust me, this series is worth the hype and its just ten episodes

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