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Megastar Chiranjeevi needs a strong PR team

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In the film industry, many things change over the years. For example, once upon a time, the films had a perfect long run at the theaters. Films which have released in 1960/70’s had even run for 365 days, I.e a complete year. After that, the run came down to 100/200 days and in the past decade the gap got even shrunk and nowadays, it is a huge thing for a film to have a run for 50 days.

Likewise, the promotional pattern of the films has also got changed. Every Hero needs to promote his film on a massive scale. For that to happen, a good PR team is required. Almost of all the star heroes have their own PR teams which not only promote the film, but they also take care that there would not be any bad or unnecessary negative news or rumor about the hero comes out. Taking a look at the recent news and rumors being spread on Megastar Chiranjeevi, one cannot help but feel that he definitely needs a strong PR team.

We know about the recent fake news regarding Chiranjeevi which was widespread. A rumor had done rounds for a few days that he demanded his latest film, Bhola Shankar’s Producer to give his remuneration by hook or crook. However, the Producer himself clarified no such demand had come from Chiranjeevi and put an end to the rumors.

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Seeing all this, the Mega fans are now in a feeling that Chiranjeevi certainly requires a strong PR team which says the reality to him and not the Bhajana batch who always say that all his decisions are correct and praise him continuously for their selfish reasons. He requires a strong PR team who should be able to show him the reality and inform what kind of movies he has to choose. If he establishes the PR team, then there will be no chance for the negative news against him to spread like a wildfire.

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