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Mangalavaaram trailer mesmerizes with its dark and rustic feel; ‘It’s a different genre altogether,’ says Ajay Bhupathi

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After the intriguing ‘RX 100’ and the focused ‘Maha Samudram’, super-talented director Ajay Bhupathi is all set to make us awestruck with ‘Mangalavaaram’. Swathi Reddy Gunupati and Suresh Varma of Mudhra Media Works and Bhupathi’s A Creative Works have produced this November 17th release. Mangalavaaram trailer was released today by the makers at an event in Hyderabad.

Megastar Chiranjeevi unveiled the Mangalavaaram trailer via Twitter (X). While he released it online, Hero Kartikeya released it offline.

On Twitter, the Megastar wrote, “The producers of this film, Swathi Reddy Gunupathi and Suresh Varma, are close friends of mine. Especially Swathi Reddy, who is a very dynamic girl. My daughter Sreeja is a good friend of hers. For me, it is very exciting to see young people, including young women, entering various branches of the film industry. They can give a new direction to filmmaking and marketing with their new ideas and new energy. So, it is a great pleasure that Swathi has teamed up with a talented director like Ajay Bhupathi for her maiden venture. I am happy that the trailer of this movie, a rustic action thriller in the background of the village, has been released digitally by me.” Chiranjeevi further wished that the movie would become a super-duper hit.

Young hero and ‘RX 100’ actor Kartikeya said, “RX 100 was released five years ago. Being here feels like attending a success meeting of the movie. If a good story is ready, I, Payal and Bhupathi are ready to collaborate. I am the favorite of both of them. One day, I saw the news that both of them were doing a movie. I was very surprised. We completed the shooting of ‘RX 100’ in 50 days. I know how big a movie Ajay Bhupathi will make if he shoots for 100 days. He shot ‘RX 100’ in Athreyapuram. Now he has shown that town in a different way in this movie. We think that Godavari is like how it is shown in Vamsi garu’s movies. Bhupahti started a new genre with ‘RX 100’. ‘Mangalavaaram’ will also start a new genre. I am waiting for this movie’s release. Ajaneesh Loknath’s music for the trailer is great.”

Ajay Bhupathi, before starting his speech, said that he will be teaming up with his ‘RX 100’ hero soon. “That will be a shocking story,” he added.

Further, Bhupathi said, “I was introduced to Kartikeya Creative Works because of ‘RX100’. Kartikeya is the hero of that movie. He was also its producer. Now, I started Ajay Bhupathi Creative Works. It remains to be seen whether KCW and ACW will collaborate in the future. Music director Ajaneesh is suffering from severe fever. Therefore, he could not be here. Our cinematographer Shivendra Dasaradhi got an opportunity to do a film with Nagarjuna after the release of ‘Mangalavaaram’ teaser.  Thanks to both of them and all the other technicians. ‘Mangalavaaram’ is a dark thriller, which has been made as a different genre film. I can’t say anything more than that for now. It is still difficult to make a dark thriller in a rural background and strong nativity. Editing and sound design should be kept in mind while shooting. We have touched a point that no one has touched before. I hope you will support this movie like you backed ‘RX 100’. There is a reason behind the title ‘Mangalavaaram’. You will know that by watching the movie. Tuesday is the favorite day of our gods. It is also known as Jayavaaram. Producer Swati garu is very classy. My film will become a success when the masses accept it. I don’t say it is a female-oriented movie. We have touched on a point related to women, something the producer liked a lot. All the shooting was done outside Hyderabad. The budget did go up. She knew this was going to be a huge film. Thanks to my elder brother Suresh Varma and Swathi Reddy.”

Swathi Reddy said, “I worked in Maa TV. Since then it has been a dream to produce a movie. At that time, Suresh was my boss. I learned work from him. I am very happy to be making this movie on Mudhra Media Works with Ajay Bhupathi’s story. Since the time the story was first narrated to us, its span only increased. We trusted the director and made the film. All the artists who have acted in the movie have nailed it. The movie would not have been made without Suresh. There is no film without Ajaneesh’s songs and background music.”

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Talking about her father Nimmagadda Prasad, a prominent industrialist, Swathi said, “I and my father have always loved movies. It is a habit of my father to watch movies when there is free time. I too have imbibed the habit from him. I have never seen him dismiss any movie. He always tries to dissect every movie from the director’s point of view. I enjoyed working at Maa TV. When I wanted to produce the movie with Suresh Varma garu, we listened to a narration by Ajay Bhupathi garu. That’s how it all began. My father liked the story a lot.”

Producer Suresh Varma thanked Chiranjeevi for unveiling the trailer via Twitter. He said that Karthikeya, a fan of the Megastar, attending the event was fitting. “I see Swathi as my sister. Ajay is my cousin brother. Ajay told this story after ‘RX 100’ became a hit. I was excited to see it on the big screen. At that time, I did not want to produce the film. Swathi had a dream to make a good film in the future. I am proud to be associated with this film as a producer. Thanks to all the artists who shot during the summer. Also, thanks to all the technicians.”

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“This is the most important day of my life,” said Payal Rajput. “Within moments of the release of the trailer, there was a great response. ‘Mangalavaaram’ came my way at a time when I was uncertain about where my career was going. Ajay Bhupathi launched me with ‘RX 100’. It changed my career. He is relaunching me with ‘Mangalavaaram’,” she added.

Ajmal Amir said, “The director had seen me in ‘Rangam’ and ‘Racha’. He asked me to be different in ‘Mangalavaaram’. He told me he would be exploring the romantic angle in me. I loved the story. I liked Payal in ‘RX 100’. She has transformed completely for this movie. Ajay Bhupathi is making a new point on the Indian screen.”

Actor Ravindra Vijay said, “The trailer spoke volumes about the film. The quality of action and visuals are spot on. Ajay Bhupathi has Godavari’s attitude in him. In the trailer, the audience have seen only one side of the story. The other side will be seen in the movie. It’s overwhelming. I am waiting for November 17.”

Nandita Shweta said, “This film is a cult, rustic, raw film from Ajay Bhupathi. I couldn’t do ‘RX 100’ when it came my way. When I got a call from his office this time, I didn’t ask about my character, story or anything else. I immediately said OK. I play a very raw character in this movie. After this movie, I learned Telugu well. This movie will create a sensation.”

Lyricist Chaitanya Prasad said, “Tuesday has an auspicious meaning in its name. I love writing songs for Ajay Bhupathi. He is good at visualization. Our combination started from the start of ‘Pilla Ra..’ in ‘RX 100’. I believe ‘Emayyindho Emito?’ will create a sensation.”

Lyricist Ganesh, choreographer Bhanu, artists Giridhar, Prabhu, Ramaraju, Daya, Sritej, Laxman, Shravan Reddy and others participated in the Mangalavaaram trailer launch event. Ajay Bhupathi is the production partner of A Creative Works for ‘Mangalavaaram’. Swathi Reddy Gunupathi and Suresh Varma are producing the film under the banner of Mudra Media Works.


Payal Rajput, Sritej, Chaitanya Krishna, Ajay Ghosh, Laxman and others.


Story, Screenplay, Direction: Ajay Bhupathi
Music Director: B Ajaneesh Loknath
Executive Producer: Saikumar Yadavilli
Editor: Gullapalli Madhav Kumar
Dialogue writers: Tajuddin Syed, Raghav
Art Director: Mohan Talluri
Production Designer: Raghu Kulkarni
Fight Masters: Real Satish, Prithvi
Sound Designer & Audiography: National Award winner Raja Krishnan
Cinematographer: Dasaradhi Sivendra
Choreographer: Bhanu
Costume Designer: Mudasar Mohammad

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