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Mangalavaaram Movie Review – Adequate thriller with a few stunning moments

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Movie: Mangalavaaram
Rating: 2.75/5
Cast: Payal Rajput, Nandita Shwetha, Chaitanya Krishna, Ravinda Vijay
Director: Ajay Bhupathi
Produced By: Swathi Reddy Gunupati
Release Date: 17th November 2023

Mangalavaaram, the film, created a lot of buzz around it. The intriguing promos, posters, and confident statements from the film’s director and unit raised the anticipation to the next level. The film also received a stunning response to its paid premiers. Mangalavaaram turns out to be an adequate thriller with a few stunning moments. Scroll down for a full Mangalavaaram movie review.

Story: In a Village Called Mahalaxmipuram, People get killed mysteriously. One Common thing in all the people who die is their extramarital affairs. Before they die, someone leaks their extramarital relationships by writing about them on a wall. The villagers get alert due to continuous killings and try to find out who the killer is. Who is that Killer, and why is he doing all this? Who is Shailu (Payal Rajput), and how is she connected with these killings? Answers to these questions form the rest of the story.

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Performances: Payal Rajput gets a meaty role, and she does full justice to it. Ravindra Vijay, Chaitanya Krishna, Ajmal Ameer, Divya Pillai, and Nandita Shwetha. Ajay Ghosh, Muralidhar Goud, and others were apt.


  • Core Point in the backstory
  • Pre-Climax
  • Climax
  • Background Score


  • Weak First Half
  • Weird Camera at few places
  • Slow Pace

Mangalavaaram Movie Review and Verdict:

Mangalavaaram is an adequate thriller with a few stunning moments. The core point in the film is unexpected, and the following twists make it worth watching; however, the slow pace until the pre-climax and a relatively underwhelming first half hold back it. One can watch the film for a different kind of experience.

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