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Krishna Vrinda Vihari movie review: A clean entertainer

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Movie: Krishna Vrinda Vihari
Rating: 2.75/5
Cast: Naga Shaurya, Shirley Setia, Rahul Ramakrishna, Vennela Kishore
Director: Anish Krishna
Produced By: Usha Mulpuri
Release Date: September 23rd, 2022

After a brief hiatus, Naga Shaurya is back to his comfort genre- romantic comedy with Krishna Vrinda Vihari. Directed by Anish Krishna, this film also has popular singer/YouTuber Shirley Setia marking her Tollywood debut. Krishna Vrinda Vihari has a fresh look and cast and has received positive reception so far. After the average performance of his past few films, Naga Shaurya is in desperate need of a hit and it all depends on this movie. Can this movie bring back the audience after the disappointing releases of last week? Let’s check out.

Story: Krishna (Naga Shaurya) is an IT employee belonging to an orthodox Brahmin family. He falls in love with his project lead Vrinda (Shirley Setia). While the love blossoms between the two, it also opens up the stark cultural differences between the two. How Krishna and Vrinda balance the traditional family and modern outlook is what the story follows.

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Performances:  Naga Shaurya looks great throughout the movie and his boy next door characterization works out quite well. Shirley Setia making her Tollywood debut looks good and her pairing with Shaurya looks good on screen. The same can’t be said about her acting and when it comes to expressing herself, the inability is quite obvious and a major distraction. Vennela Kishore is dependable as ever so are the other supporting actors.

Analysis: Krishna Vrinda Vihari presents a tried and tested plot in a unique way. The film certainly has some high moments and draws the audience closer. However, predictability in writing and cliched scenes bring the tempo down in the second half. The film is technically great with good production values and rich visuals. Better screenplay and chopping up some unnecessary parts would have made this film a great breezy entertainer.

Plus Points:

  • Crisp Runtime
  • Comedy in the second half
  • Visuals
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Minus Points:

  • Music
  • Certain cliched scenes
  • Weak screenplay in 2nd half


Krishna Vrinda Vihari has got all the makings of a breezy family entertainer. The film has its moments and feels quite pleasing to the soul. It would have been a much better experience if a bit more focus was placed on better music and holding the film with a tighter screenplay towards the end of the film. Overall, it’s a decent watch for the weekend.

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