Kollywood industry all hopes on Kamal Haasan’s film Vikram

Kollywood once ruled the south Indian box office. At one point of time a lot of tamils films have been remade to other languages. But with the current trend, other film industries are moving forward. It seems like Kollywood is one step back with the latest pan India trend.

At one time, From South India only Tamil industry has made pan india films. The directors like Maniratnam and Shankar made massive films that shattered boundaries. Heroes like Rajinikanth and Kamal Hassan has created their own mark and used to have a very big market in all languages. But in recent time Kollywood is behind in pan India movies compared to Tollywood and now sandalwood also.

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A Massive OTT and Satellite deal for Kamal Haasan film :

Vijay, Ajith has tried to open up the Bollywood market with recent flicks. But the movies didn’t fare well and so the stars failed to create any impact. Now all the hopes on Kamal Hassan’s Vikram. The industry is hoping for this movie to create impact in India wide. Kamal Haasan is known to Bollywood for his old movies. The actor proved so many times in all other languages. So if Vikram has the scope to convince pan India audience, Kollywood can have it’s foot in Pan India now too.

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