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Is Ram Charan desperate to take the solo credit for RRR?

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As we mentioned earlier, almost one year since the release of RRR, but the fans are still battling with each other to show their Hero is the main lead, and only he has got the maximum appreciation. The PR teams of both the heroes have done their part to maintain this heated environment between the fan groups.

Ram Charan, one of the heroes of the film, is the most talked about man of RRR these days, but before the release of the film, even he himself would have not thought that he will get the major credit for the movie. There is no doubt that he got big credit for the movie as his character had better arc, and his performance too was exceptional.

Obviously, fans always want to give the credit to their hero only but looking at the recent proceedings of RRR film’s Oscar promotions it appears that Ram Charan intends to get the solo credit for the movie as he is trying to elevate himself and his performance more than the entire film in the latest interviews.

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Also, he is not talking much about NTR’s role and performance. Moreover, his family members and PR team have projected as he is a main lead of the film during the recent HCA Awards. They all appreciated only Ram Charan and completely ignored NTR.

However, once the Oscar awards are done, the unit of RRR, heroes and even the fans will also move on to another films, from then we can say this kind of fan wars and all unnecessary PR activities will come to an end.

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