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Indian Government blocked 18 OTT platforms

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Indian Government blocked 18 OTT platforms.

In recent years, the rise of over-the-top (OTT) platforms has completely transformed the entertainment industry. With the convenience of streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+, viewers have unlimited access to a vast array of TV shows and movies at their fingertips.

However, along with this convenience comes the concern of explicit, obscene content that may be easily accessible to audiences. And it seems that the Indian government has finally taken notice.

According to recent reports, the Information and Broadcasting (I&B) Ministry has blocked 18 OTT platforms for publishing vulgar and adult content. These platforms were warned by the ministry to regulate their content before making it available online, but it seems they have failed to do so.

This has prompted action from the government in order to protect the public from such content. The move comes after mounting criticism of the violence and explicit content depicted in some shows on OTT platforms.

Unlike in India, where films are reviewed and certified by a government-appointed board, streaming content lacks such regulation. This has led to concerns about the impact on viewers, especially younger audiences who may be exposed to inappropriate content without any parental controls.

The I&B Ministry has made it clear that these OTT platforms will face action for promoting content that is against the country’s laws and goes against public sensibilities. The government has cited the IT Act, the IPC, and the Representation of Women Act as grounds for taking action against these platforms.

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And it seems they are serious about enforcing these laws, as 19 websites, 10 apps, and 57 social media handles have already been blocked nationwide. But what does this mean for popular OTT platforms like Netflix and Disney+? As two of the biggest players in the streaming market, they have a significant stake in this issue.

The I&B Ministry has already engaged with them to sensitize them about content and self-regulation. However, if they fail to comply with regulations, it is likely that their license may be suspended, affecting their operations in India.

This move by the government has raised concerns among OTT platforms and their viewers. While it is important to regulate content that may be harmful or offensive, it also raises questions about censorship and creative freedom.

As of now, the government has not released any details about the specific shows or content that have prompted this action. The lack of transparency in this matter may lead to speculation and further controversies.

The I&B Ministry’s decision has also sparked a debate about the need for stricter regulations on OTT platforms. With the increasing number of viewers shifting to streaming services, it is essential to have a framework in place to monitor and regulate the content being released.

The lack of such regulations has also been a concern for the film industry, as OTT platforms have become a popular avenue for independent filmmakers to release their work without censorship.

While there may be different opinions on this matter, what is clear is that there needs to be a balance between creative freedom and responsibility towards the audience. The government’s decision to block these 18 OTT platforms shows a commitment to protecting public sensibilities and ensuring that they are not exposed to harmful content.

The list of OTT platforms that are blocked by the government is:

  1. Dreams Films
  2. Voovi
  3. Yessma
  4. Uncut Adda
  5. Tri-Flicks
  6. X Prime
  7. Neon X VIP 
  8. Besharams
  9. MoodX
  10. Hunters
  11. Rabbit
  12. Xtramood
  13. Nuefliks
  14. Prime Play
  15. Mojflix
  16. Hot Shots VIP
  17. Fugi
  18. Chikooflix
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In conclusion, while some may view this as a step towards censorship, the government’s action against vulgar and obscene content on OTT platforms is a necessary move towards protecting the public from harmful and offensive content.

It is now up to these platforms to take responsibility and regulate their content, keeping in mind the laws of the land and the sensitivities of their audience. And for viewers, it is essential to be mindful of what we consume and ensure that our entertainment choices align with our values and beliefs.

After all, as responsible citizens, it is our duty to create a safe and healthy environment for ourselves and those around us.

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