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Indian 2 : Will people accept a 100-year-old man doing action sequences?

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Indian 2, the much-awaited film in the combination of Kamal Haasan and Shankar, had its first glimpse/teaser release today, and it received a relatively mixed response. Besides that, the main question is, will the people accept a 100-year-old man doing action sequences?

When the Indian 2 film was announced, everyone thought it would be more of Senapathy’s journey from childhood and how he was inspired to become a freedom fighter. Some backstory of his life before and after freedom episodes will be shown in the film, but Shankar has given a surprise by introducing Senapathy in the current period.

Senapathy was an active freedom fighter, so at this time, his age would be around 100 years. Now, will people accept a 100-year-old person doing action sequences? During the 1990 period, Senapathy’s action episodes were welcomed by everyone because, at that time, his age was 65 – 70,  and most of the film was run through the Young Kamal Haasan’s role along with Senapathy’s freedom fight portions. His aged Character scenes were dealt with excellence.

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But there is a difference between believing a 65-year-old man performing fights and a 100-year-old man doing the same. We need to see how Shankar will convince the audience in this regard.

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