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I have severely tortured Abhiram for Ahimsa film says director Teja

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It is very well known to everyone that Director Teja has directed the debut movie ‘Ahimsa’ of Abhiram Daggubati, son of Senior Producer Suresh Babu. There is a strong rumor for many years that Teja would often torture the actors who work in his films, either firing with words or even raising his hands on them if needed. Though director Teja condemned these rumors many times, still many people believe that he actually hits every lead actor who works in his hims. Surprisingly, Teja this time agreed that he indeed tortured Abhiram during the shooting of Ahimsa.

I have severely tortured Abhiram for Ahimsa, said director Teja in a promotional interview. Teja disclosed how he made Abhiram suffer and all the things he had done to the young actor. Many netizens have begun to wonder why it needed to do Abhiram to go through these difficulties.

Teja revealed that he asked Abhiram to ride the bicycle down the hill at Rama Naidu Studios in a limited time. But after Abhiram succeeded in doing so, Teja said he changed it into a TVS bike instead of a cycle. He further revealed that Abhiram injured his knees after he asked him to climb the hill with a mud covered body, carrying 20 guns on one shoulder and the heroine on the other. Abhiram was hospitalized for four months and even after that he was forced to carry 50 kilos after he recovered and told to send video evidence of him daily doing so.

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Teja stressed that it was Abhiram’s sincerity that worked there, but not his family background or anything else. Teja says that is the reason he made Ahimsa with Abhiram. However, the words of Teja have made the netizens a bit shocked that what was the need for making Abhiram to go through such physical hardship. While some netizens say that Teja might have exaggerated the real events to praise Abhiram.

Ahimsa marks the debut of Abhiram Daggubati is all set to be released on June 2nd. P Kiran has produced the movie on Anandi Art Creations banner. RP Patnaik scored the music of this film. Besides Abhiram, the film has Geethika, Rajat Bedi, Sadha, Ravi Kale, Kamal Kamaraju, Manoj Tiger, Kalpalatha, Devi Prasad and others in crucial roles.

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