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I am a billionaire, my property value is more than 1000 CR says Actor Naresh

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Veteran actor Naresh and his love affair, Marriage with actress Pavitra Lokesh is well known. The couple is currently working on a film titled Malli Pelli. Directed by MS Raju, the film is slated to release on May 26. The trailer and songs that have already been released from the film have not only impressed the audience but have also created a good interest around the movie. Both Naresh and Pavitra have started the promotions of the movie as the release date is nearing.

The couple gave a series of interviews and shared the details of the film as well as their personal lives details. For a few days, many people have been talking about Naresh’s assets and that is the reason Pavitra got into a relationship with him. In an interview, Naresh spoke about the details of his property.

Naresh agreed that indeed he is a billionaire and a part of his property/assets also consists of inherited share from his mother. He said that he earned the money by working hard. He also added that the value of his property would be more than 1000 crores, stating that in any case, the money is all white and not black. Not only that, but he assured that he can show the details of it wherever needed.

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Naresh stated that he has established his kingdom with a great responsibility. Most of the property came from his mother, he said, and is happy about it. Naresh stated that the God has given us a life. We have to be happy, and we have to keep the ten people around us happy. We have to celebrate life, Celebrate means it’s not that everybody should salute us every day, but there should be joy in everyone’s eyes when we see ourselves. That’s what I did. She (Pavitra) has earned the same honesty from her mother. We spend a little bit for ourselves and want to do something with the remaining for other people. We will keep doing it. That’s how I am very happy, he said.

Naresh’s remarks about his property value and assets went went viral on the internet. Some netizens are not believing in his words and say he is bluffing the figure, while some are saying that his words are true, and he is a true billionaire.

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