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Here is what Team Dil Raju says about V Movie Release

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Due to Corona Virus Out Break across the world, the business of all respective sectors has been affected and one among them is Film Industry. As the summer season is considered as one of the prime season for movie releases, there were more than a dozen films that were scheduled to release in April and May.

But due to the current situation, all the film producers have no way other than to postpone their release date. There were many speculations that film producers are opting for direct OTT release, V The Movie which is scheduled to release on March 25th couldn’t make it due to lockdown and now a gossip website has reported that a top OTT platform has offered a huge amount to Dil Raju for direct release on their platform which is absolutely a false news. Team of Dil Raju has repeatedly said that they will be waiting for the things to settle down and there has been no such offer or interest for them to release the film on any OTT or TV platform until it is released in theaters.

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