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Hanuman’s Success Story: Producer Deserves Main Credit

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Prashanth Varma’s Hanuman emerged as a sensational blockbuster and the biggest grosser of this year so far. The film achieved several records during its record-breaking run including the title of all time sankranti’s biggest grosser in Tollywood history and became one of the top grossers in Tollywood. The film has collected 300 Cr range collections at the Box office.

Director Prashanth Varma and Teja Sajja got a big break through this project and their market has grown significantly. The major credit for this has to go to producers Prime Show Entertainments.

If we observe, before Hanuman director Prashanth Varma and Hero Teja Sajja were not big names, and putting the 60 Cr budget on them despite their markets at that time was definitely a risky move. The producers delivered whatever Prashant Varma needed and the result is in front of us.

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It’s a risk to put such amount on projects with no big stars as it can often misfire and recovering even half of budget becomes difficult. The producers believed in content and director. They even planned the promotions on a large scale. The producers crafted a promotional strategy that worked well in all the markets.

Due to the conviction of the producers and the vision of the director, the team has charted a great success story. As a result, the team is now celebrating 100 days for Hanuman today on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti and the entire industry is now looking forward to Jai Hanuman.

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