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Finally, Mahesh Babu is satisfied with the Guntur Kaaram proceedings

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Since the announcement of the film, Guntur Kaaram in the combination of Superstar Mahesh Babu and Trivikram Srinivas came, many changes have happened in the film’s script, cast and crew. There were many rumors about the lead of the film, Mahesh Babu being continuously unhappy with the work of the film, but finally, it is being reported that Mahesh Babu is satisfied with the Guntur Kaaram proceedings.

Mahesh Babu has changed a lot recently. Before in his career, he just did whatever the director said and even when he knew the film was not coming well, he used to do his part of work. But recently, he has changed his working style and checking the output of every schedule of his films land asking the directors for multiple changes.

For his previous film, Sarkaru Vaari Paata also he did the same, and it worked in favor of the film. Now for Guntur Kaaram also he is doing the same as he put the project on hold for multiple months and to say okay to the script changes also he took his time.

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Even after the film getting on to the sets, Mahesh was not happy with a few scenes of output in the first schedule and asked Trivikram to rework on them because of which the film got delayed again. Finally, the latest schedule of Guntur Kaaram started in August and Mahesh is said to be very happy with the current proceedings.

Now he is completely satisfied with all crafts like the script, Trivikram’s Taking, Thaman songs and the shooting’s pace and Mahesh is also said to be delivering a terrific performance in a completely mass avatar. The team is delighted with this.

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