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Eagle Producer: We Didn’t Postpone the Film Out of Fear, We Have 270 Theaters – The Reasons Are Different

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We did not postpone the film out of fear, says the producer of Eagle. “We Have 270 Theaters, and the reasons for the postponement are different,” says Eagle Producer. It is widely known that Ravi Teja’s Eagle has been postponed from the Sankranthi race and is now facing tough times to get a solo release date. We did not postpone the film out of fear, says the producer of Eagle.

In the latest interaction with media, Eagle movie’s producer has revealed that they did not postpone the film due to fear or theatre issues. According to the producer, they had booked 270 theatres already in October, and those were enough for the Sankranthi season and the film’s business.

However, they backed out at the last minute due to hectic competition. “Releasing five films for Sankranthi will affect us and everyone. Three films getting released for Sankranthi is fine; even four films are okay, but five films getting released at a time will affect everyone, and no other movie has a chance to be postponed. 

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So, to make things easier, we took a step ahead and discussed it with Ravi Teja, and he agreed to postpone the film. So, we came out of the Sankranthi race to give relief to everyone. We are releasing the film Eagle on 9th February,” said Eagle’s Producer, TG Vishwa Prasad.

Interestingly, TG Vishwa Prasad is also doing another film with Ravi Teja, named Mr Bachchan, which Harish Shankar is directing. The film’s shooting started recently and will be released in the summer. Regarding Prabhas and Maruthi’s film, Vishwa Prasad said the update will come on Sankranthi as promised. He also said that they are planning to release multiple films in theatres this year.

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