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Double Standards: Demand for Hanuman, Mafia for Guntur Kaaram

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Demand for Hanuman, Mafia for Guntur Kaaram. This is the slogan of a few people or sections in recent days. It is widely known that Mahesh Babu’s Guntur Kaaram and Teja Sajja’s Hanuman clashed at the box office on this Sankranthi. There has been a considerable controversy over the theatre’s allocation for Hanuman in Telangana.

The distributors of both films are not on good terms and are alleging each other with various statements. While the discussions around not allocating sufficient shows for Hanuman in Nizam are still happening, Hanuman is taking away numerous shows from Guntur Kaaram in Andhra Pradesh.

Despite registering houseful shows, many shows of Guntur Kaaram have been replaced by Hanuman in Godavari districts, Guntur and Ceeded. Because of this, Guntur Kaaram lost numerous shows and theaters in Andhra Pradesh when it was expected to have a house full of shows during the festival days.

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While Hanuman taking shows is called demand, when other movies do it to Hanuman, it’s called a mafia by a section. The buyers invested heavily in Guntur Kaaram, and the festival holidays are their main hope as they have to recover the investments due to the bad reviews and below-par word of mouth.

Continuous campaigns like Save Small Cinema have affected Guntur Kaaram. Whereas the other film has already garnered huge profits, no one seems willing to save other films’ buyers. So it is demand for Hanuman, Mafia for Guntur Kaaram. 

No one denies canceling a house full show of Hanuman in Hyderabad is unethical. Hanuman is for sure suffering from these problems in Nizam. But in other areas, Hanuman distributors are also doing the same. The stand has to be the same on both sides, but everyone is taking a one-sided stand due to their own intentions.

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