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Directors are sacrificing content for sequel hype

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The Directors are sacrificing content for sequel hype. It is widely known that over the recent years, the Sequel and franchise trend has picked up, and even the regular commercial films are also being planned as two-part releases owing to the trend. However, to catch up with the trend, Directors are sacrificing content for sequel hype.

As films like Baahubali 2 KGF 2 worked for audiences, everyone is trying to create sequels now by not finishing the movie. If there is content and it has the span, then the sequels will work, but most directors forget that if a sequel has to work big, the prequel film should have strong content. 

Recently, we have seen in Skanda, where suddenly the 2nd character of Ram was introduced without any logic provided, and the director needed to finish the film better and said Part 2 would give clarity about that character. The audiences have rejected Part 1, so there is no chance of a Part 2 for Skanda.

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The Same goes with Peddha Kapu, for which Srikanth Addala planned multiple parts, but in the first part, there needed to be more content, and various threads were created without any strong establishment and connection.

Lately, for Polimera 2, the same has happened; Maa Oori Polimera Part 1 worked so well for audiences on OTT as the movie had a straightforward story with excellent twists. Everything works well, but in Part 2, the director did not try to tell the story clearly, and he just tried to create multiple question marks for Part 3 buzz. 

The director of Polimera 2 only focused on twists, which also seemed very irritating as every twist had an abrupt ending, and the story needed to be adequately etched.  Multiple characters were introduced and created considerable confusion, especially the climax part, which was disconnected entirely. At the box office, Maa Oori Polimera 2 worked as the audience wanted to know what happened after the first part. Now, we will have to wait and see if the openings and buzz will be the same for Polimera 3.

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