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Directors are killing films to capitalize on the sequel craze

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The results of pan-India blockbusters Baahubali, and KGF have created a trend of sequels in industry. Coming to the Telugu industry, most of the films today are planning for sequels even before the first film goes on set. Due to this, the directors are making very wrong decisions and killing Part 1 to exploit the Part 2 craze.

Recently we saw in Skanda’s climax that suddenly a second Ram character was introduced with no logic. This was done to pave the path for a second part. Even the audience did not understand what was going on in the film. Peddha Kaapu is another example of the same and Srikanth Addala created multiple confusing threads with no clear explanation. 

Even in Leo, this connectivity problem existed. Leao could have been a good standalone film but the forced and unconvincing connection to the LCU was something criticized by most. Part 2 was also announced much to the amusement of the audience. Lokesh Kanagaraj revealed that the flashback in Leo was wrong and the true details will be revealed in the sequel.

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Even a biggie like Salaar is also facing the same. Prashanth Neel has created multiple threads for part 2 and nothing has shown clearly in part 1. The audience felt they did not watch the complete film and their viewing experience was impacted due to the maker’s desire for a sequel. This has impacted the box office figures of all the movies. Kalyan Ram’s Devil has also promised a sequel and with the audience rejecting part 1, it will be interesting to see how its sequel plays out.

Many big directors are making the mistake of looking to create a franchise or sequel craze and ignoring the existing one. The directors need to understand that part 1 should work well to create a craze for part 2. Both Baahubali and KGF became global box office blockbusters because Baahubali 1 and KGF 2 set up the existing world well and anticipation and curiosity were built among the audience.

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