Director Shankar Is Working On Two Films Simultaneously

Shankar is one of the busiest directors in the industry at the moment. He is currently juggling between the shooting of two films simultaneously. He was supposed to finish the shooting of Indian 2 with Kamal Haasan a long time ago but due to various reasons, the shooting of the film was halted.

Due to some creative differences, the shooting was stopped a while back. Later due to budget issues, it was stopped once again. The makers thought that they could not recover the money spent if they proceed with further shooting.

But now after Vikram, the producers are convinced that Kamal can pull the audiences into the theatres and the shooting of Indian 2 is going to resume. The shoot is expected to start somewhere in the middle of September.

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Shankar is also working on Ram Charan’s RC15 and he will be shooting both films simultaneously. Ram Charan is currently going for a makeover. In the meantime, Shankar will complete some portions of Indian 2. After which he will hop on the sets of RC15 again.

Both of these projects are carrying a loot of hype with it and if everything goes to plan, Shankar has two solid films to add to his catalogue.

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