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Dil Raju compound: Mythri Movies and Hanuman team playing sympathy drama

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With just a day to go for Guntur Kaaram and Hanuman’s release, the anticipation and excitement is also reaching its peak. The tussle for theatres has also taken a dramatic turn with Tollywood big distributors Dil Raju and Mythri Movie Makers engaging in a war of words. The Hanuman team has been directly as well as indirectly indicating that all producers especially Dil Raju have targeted them.

They believe that Dil Raju and others are not giving theatres while also trying to snatch existing theatres as well. Dil Raju team on the other hand have stated that the Hanuman makers and Mythri team are just playing sympathy drama.

Dil Raju’s team has stated that it’s just a business model and everyone wants their films to get the best possible release. Exhibitors will give the theatres according to their good terms with distributors which Dil Raju has. The ace producer’s camp stated that in Andhra, Hanuman got good theatres because of good distributor-exhibitor relationships. Wherever good distributors exist, theatres will also follow.

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Coming to the Asian multiplexes issue Hanuman team reportedly has asked for the allocation of a fixed number of shows initially. But now, Hanuman makers and distributors are demanding more shows and blackmailing stating they won’t release the film at all if they do not get more screens.

The Asian chain clearly said that for premiers they could give demanded shows. But release day onwards the same can’t be satisfied because multiple films are releasing and a biggie like Guntur Kaaram is amongst them. Team Dil Raju has alleged that the Hanuman team is continuously trying to get sympathy from the audience through these actions.

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During the recent producers’ meeting, all producers had requested the Hanuman team to move the film to the 11th as they expected such issues to arise. Hanuman’s producer did not even attend the initial discussions and continuously stated that they couldn’t release the film on the 11th. And now evening and night show premiere screenings are happening on the 11th at all centers.

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